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Dare to Leap

Dec 9, 2020

Sharon Hartwick is a LinkedIn marketing expert and runs an agency. She has over 20 years of sales and customer service experience and shares her journey of how she made the leap from an inflexible job to being able to build work around her life and family. She now makes more money while working fewer hours, something she never thought was possible.


Key takeaways:

  • Why did Sharon decide to start her business?
  • Sharon doesn’t miss the hours she spent commuting! It was exhausting trying to manage everything and she would cry on her way to work and back home.
  • Sharon was tired of being penalized for being a mom in a company that was supposed to be family-friendly.
  • Sharon saw Kathy’s webinar and knew she had to take a chance and do it. However, she didn’t have the money to pay for her services. So, she prayed to God to help her find the extra money.
  • Sharon was able to get her first payment within 30 days of signing up for Kathy’s course.
  • Sharon's resources were so thin and she also didn’t have a lot of space in her house that she used the bathroom as a meeting room… and no one knew!
  • If you need food, you’re going to find a way to find food. We are all resourceful.
  • Sharon put her head down and just did the work. She did everything she was told to do.
  • How did Sharon’s life change when she started her own business?
  • Where will you be six months from now? Sharon refuses to think about it.
  • When work called Sharon back six months later, she was working fewer hours for more money. It was empowering.
  • What is it like working with Sharon as a coach?
  • Sharon shares what the dragon symbolizes to her and why it’s such an important guiding light for her.
  • Mindset plays a huge part in achieving your goals. When you have your mind right, everything else comes easy.



Sharon on LinkedIn




“Everyone is resourceful. The vast majority of people are going to figure out how to come up with the money they need for the things they need or want.”


“I am able to build a business around life instead of organizing life around work. That’s all I ever wanted.”


“When we’re not getting the result we want, we really have to look at ourselves.”