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Dare to Leap

Oct 21, 2020

Megan Pennypacker is a Christian Business Coach with three children at home that she homeschools. She has a packed schedule and knows how to maximize the 24-hours in a day. She offers advice to aspiring women who want to take the leap and start their own remote business. Megan outlines her journey and how she was able to create a business with three little ones at home.


Key takeaways:

  • Megan shares her story and how she discovered this “online space.”
  • Why did Megan decide to make the leap and start her own Christian coaching business?
  • What’s it like running a business while also homeschooling Megan’s three children at home?
  • Megan had so much on her plate that she ended up not taking care of herself.
  • You have to make yourself a priority! Megan made a conscious effort to eat healthier so she wouldn’t gain extra pounds.
  • The trick is to wake up before your kids do so you can get quality work done.
  • As an introvert, Megan also had to schedule in quiet time and stay away from her phone.
  • Megan offers advice on how you can start your dream business and finally make the leap.
  • What happens if your spouse is not on board with your business idea?
  • You never want to fight with your spouse on how you want to manage your business, but they can be an excellent source of accountability. Keeping them informed, give them updates about what you’re doing; open communication is key.
  • If your spouse completely shuts you down, Megan offers advice that instead of starting a business right now, the best investment to make is to work on your love relationship with your spouse.
  • Your time will come. Work now as if you already have your business even if you’re not doing anything. Build those muscles up.
  • Who is Megan’s ideal client?






“Make sure you’re managing your time wisely and not being glued to your phone. That alone can cause anxiety no matter if you’re a mom or not.”


“What you can do is start working on your time management, like you have a business, learn what can be most profitable for you for when the time does come. Keep having faith time will come.”


“Don’t be undercharging for your services, even when you’re starting out. Know that what you do is priceless.”