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Dare to Leap

Dec 22, 2021

Cori Zeuli is the Chief Implementation Officer and Chief Kajabi Strategist at Your Core Solutions, which is a powerhouse team of virtual experts that focuses on helping their clients share their expertise online. They use strategic consulting, tech, empowerment, coaching, and implementation to guide their clients through some of their toughest challenges. Kathy and Cori have been working together for six years. How did Cori begin her journey with Kajabi? Find out more in this week’s episode!


Key takeaways:

  • Cori talks about how she became a virtual expert and owning her business.
  • Cori comes from a background in corporate finance, but she always felt underappreciated.
  • At the time she was leaving her job, one of her colleagues introduced her to Kathy and what it was like being a virtual assistant.
  • It took Cori three years to say yes to Kathy’s suggestion about Kajabi. Cori shares what finally made her say “yes”!
  • Back in 2015, Kajabi took notice of how Cori was getting so good at what she did, how she was sharing her knowledge and helping others, that they offered her to be a Kajabi ambassador.
  • Kathy highly recommends Kajabi and talks about the history of the company and its credibility.
  • How does Cori stay on top of Kajabi’s fast-paced improvements?
  • Cori shares the three ways she works with her clients: Done For You, Done With You, and DIYers.
  • From strategic blueprints that are customized for specific needs, to graphic designers and copywriters, she and her team offer a complete package!
  • Why is it important to know Kajabi to run a business with it?
  • Kajabi experts vs. marketing experts. What’s the difference and how does that impact your business?
  • Kathy summarizes Cori’s six-year journey. It’s been quite an exciting ride!



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“There is no one-size-fits-all. Everybody’s journey and vision are different.”


“This person might be amazing at Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or Youtube or something like that, yes they can be beneficial to your team. However, if they don’t know how things work inside of Kajabi, they’re not going to be able to effectively create the marketing funnel that you want.”


“I see now that I am strong, driven, and caring and I want to see you succeed. And in the process, I’ll succeed too. That’s what’s important.”