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Dare to Leap

Jul 28, 2021

Tamara Zantell is a Brand Strategist and Visionary. For the past 25 years, she has been lifting others into their greatness. Licensed as a Mortuary Scientist, Tamara has had to make a couple of big leaps throughout her career. She helped turn her daughter’s skincare line into a multimillion-dollar international brand and in this week’s episode, she shares some of the successes and learning points her family had to learn along the way.


Key takeaways:

  • How did Tamara become a mortuary scientist?
  • Tamara’s daughter, at nine, wanted to learn how to make lip balms. Tamara decided to help her and guide her through this journey.
  • Little did Tamara know, this little idea sparked into a big thing!
  • 10 years later, her daughter’s product is now in over 700 Target stores.
  • People build major brands just off of their authenticity.
  • The process of starting a business is lonely, but when you’re just nine or 10 years old, it’s even more lonely.
  • Tamara created Raising a Mogul to build a community full of kids who owned their own businesses.
  • In the beginning, Tamara felt a bit too prideful for asking for help. However, she’s glad she got her ego in check because it was only holding the family back.
  • “I can figure it out on my own.” Yes, maybe, but how many mistakes will you be making along the way?
  • No matter where you are, you will hit a certain level and you’ll realize you’re not sure how to get higher.
  • If you’re the COO of a company, you can’t be in the weeds with everyone, or else nothing will get done.
  • Tamara wants to build a legacy for her family.
  • How should someone begin to create a family legacy?
  • If you only have one day a week to create something, then be honest about that.



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“People build major brands just on their authenticity and sharing their ‘behind the scenes.’ What the real ‘real’ is like. That’s what we’re missing online today.”


“I knew everything. I had an ego, but I had to get it in check. It was holding us back.”


“The more money we can make, the more people we can help. We’re here to make an impact.”