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Dare to Leap

Dec 16, 2020

Stephanie McLarty is an award-winning entrepreneur and champion of sustainable business. She is the Owner of Refficient, a marketplace for telecom companies to recycle their old equipment. She is also the Owner of Wealth of Family, an educational website helping aspiring mom entrepreneurs develop a business they love. Stephanie shares how you can blend your values, your bigger vision, and sustainability into your business, what it means to take the leap into entrepreneurship, and so much more!


Key takeaways:

  • How did Stephanie get into entrepreneurship?
  • When Stephanie became a mom, she was inspired to create another business centered around mom entrepreneurs.
  • Sometimes we can’t see what our own strengths are, but other people can easily spot them.
  • How does Stephanie manage her team and workers? She runs a multimillion-dollar business with a staff of five!
  • Stephanie only works 12–15 hours a week!
  • How do you set your business up for success?
  • Why is Stephanie so passionate about sustainability and how can other business owners follow suit?
  • Really sit down and think about your own values and how you want to transfer that into your business.
  • Stephanie explains what a B Corp is.
  • Before, Stephanie and her team were in the office; how has Stephanie been managing her company remotely now?
  • What’s the purpose of a daily huddle?
  • What are Stephanie’s values?
  • You can be nervous and take action. It’s okay.
  • What does it really mean to be “a failure”?



Stephanie on LinkedIn

Business Model Canvas

Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, by Verne Harnish




“We’re at a time in history where we need to change the world. We need transformative solutions for the future of our kids.”


“As you’re looking to add to your team, will they treat this like it's their own? Ultimate that’s what you want. People that you can, that will deliver, and that will do the right thing when no one is watching.”


“We all struggle with that dare of leaping, and of being afraid. The magic happens outside of your comfort zone.”