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Dare to Leap

Sep 1, 2021

Molly Trotter-Gomez is the Founder of Dream Factor Co, where she helps coaches and consultants get clarity on their offer, messaging, and how to be more visible in a noisy world. Molly got her start as a news anchor and reporter for CBS affiliate stations in Oregon and Washington State. However, Molly made the leap to start her own business when she realized that she did not want to glorify destructive and demoralizing stories anymore. Find out more about Molly’s journey in this week’s episode!


Key takeaways:

  • Molly recently got married in 2020. She didn’t want to wait to marry her best friend.
  • How did Molly go from television news anchor to digital marketer and on-camera consultant?
  • Molly shares some crazy stories she encountered as a news anchor.
  • Molly felt stifled in her career. There were always voices in her ear telling her how she needed to represent herself.
  • After being fired as a news anchor, Molly had enough. She fell in love with digital marketing because you can create everlasting change from anywhere in the world.
  • How does Molly help her clients?
  • Molly doesn’t regret standing up for herself. She’s okay with getting fired.
  • What has shifted in social media since COVID-19 hit? What’s working and what’s not working?
  • You can’t skip the hard work. Being an entrepreneur is not easy.
  • People are hungrier than ever for real relationships.
  • Molly is in a leadership course and one of the exercises you need to do is write your own obituary. What do you want people to say about you?
  • Molly shares tips on how you can stop hiding and get yourself out there!
  • When you give value, people will pay attention to you. People will hire you!
  • Don’t let the “witness protection program” stop you from achieving your dreams and getting good work done! Get out of that program and let yourself shine.
  • Stop thinking you can always do this on your own. You will eventually need help if you wish to scale and grow.



Molly on LinkedIn




“They fired me for wanting to inspire people. The news is depressing.”


“I always encourage people to show up authentically to who you are, not to who somebody else is trying to make you be.”


“Until you get your voice, don’t hire it out. Until you get your brand and who you are, stop trying to hire the VA. You need to discover who you are first”