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Dare to Leap

Feb 2, 2022

Kim Murphy is a Certified Plant-Based Health Coach and is the founder of Simply Plant Based Kitchen. Her journey started when her father passed away due to Alzheimer’s. When she learned that all chronic diseases were preventable with food, she committed herself to eat a whole food plant-based diet. Through Simply Based Kitchen, she teaches us to do the same and make this diet easy to cook and do. Tune in to today’s episode to learn more about her and her kitchen!


Key takeaways:

  • Kathy got converted over to a whole food plant-based diet about a year ago with Kim’s help!
  • Kim talks more about her turning point when her father died with Alzheimer’s.
  • Going through more research, she realized that Alzheimer’s is not genetic and 95% preventable.
  • Kim also talks about her first attempt at going on this diet and why she couldn’t sustain it.
  • It’s about changing your mindset of creating a lifestyle instead of a temporary diet to make it work.
  • In 2019, Kim switched her blog to plant-based eating and started posting her food journals.
  • It’s all about behavior and habit change which is mostly the hard part. Kim wanted to help people overcome that.
  • Kim also talks about when she first got into coaching and her course, Plant Power Weight Loss.
  • Kathy and Kim also talk about Dr. Ornish and his new studies about Alzheimer’s.
  • With the timing of COVID-19, how does Kim feel about the pandemic in regard to her health?
  • Our immune system’s job is to protect us and it’s important that we feed it with the right nutrients.
  • What is a whole food plant-based diet? Kim explains what it’s all about.
  • Kim takes her favorite recipes and things that we make on a normal basis and changes some of the ingredients to make it whole food plant-based.
  • Kathy also shares that she never ate vegetables before she started working with Kim.
  • They also talk about how their taste buds and sense of smell changed throughout the process of becoming whole food plant-based.
  • Kathy shares about a time their grandson came for a visit and her husband cooked country-fried cube steak for him. What was her reaction when they invited her to eat?
  • Kim also shares how her family is also on this diet.
  • What does a day eating at Kim’s house look like? Tune in as she shares what they can have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Kim also shares what they ordered on Mamasezz, a whole food plant-based meal delivery service!
  • Kim finds products and businesses that are also whole food plant-based that help her save time to put together a meal.
  • Grapes in smoothies and snacks. Kim and Kathy share more whole food plant-based ideas.
  • Kathy also shares how her health changed as a result of working with Kim.
  • Kathy talks about an upcoming live event! Guess what’s in store?



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“I think it was more like a midlife awakening. You awaken to the fact that life is short and what are we here to do and I want to make the most of it.”


“My immune system can handle whatever comes its way because it’s its job. If we feed it the right nutrients and the right fuel, it will do its job to protect us.”


“I eat normal things like whole grain pasta, Mexican dishes, and pizza. They’re just tweaked to become whole food plant-based.”