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Dare to Leap

Dec 29, 2021

Jennifer Love is a Wealth Philosopher, Money Therapist, and the CEO of The Living Wealthy Institute. She is one of Kathy’s business coaches, mentors, and favorite people in the world as well! In this episode, Jennifer shares her passion for helping people through unclogging their emotions and what manifestation truly means. If you ever felt stuck and not sure how to get to the next level financially, Jennifer understands exactly what might be tripping you up. Tune in and be inspired by her stories!


Key takeaways:

  • Jennifer shares the story of when her father left when she was three years old.
  • Growing up, she watched her mother financially disempowered.
  • Being an achiever, she used her childhood experience to prove her self-worth.
  • Despite achieving a lot in her thirties, Jennifer didn’t feel joy and was a prisoner inside her own life.
  • Jennifer explains how 90% of all of our financial decisions are made based on what’s happening in the emotional and psychological aspects of ourselves.
  • She shares that we can’t attach to what it is that we truly desire if we are all clogged up emotionally. It’s the law of subtraction before getting to the law of attraction.
  • How does one start with the process of subtraction?
  • When we manifest from a place of openness and surrender, what then happens? Jennifer uncovers the secret.
  • Understanding one’s own process can get you to a place of self-acceptance.
  • Kathy also shares her own experience working with Jennifer and how she always challenges them in order for them to grow.
  • Following a horseback riding incident in May, Jennifer shares about her surgery and how it connected with her childhood pain.
  • Jennifer also shares her journey through rehab and the micro-intentions she set along the way to be able to walk again.
  • The doctors were amazed at how she was able to recover quickly and walk again after only two weeks!
  • We need to subtract everything that is blocking the pain and be with our emotions. Through subtracting can we only truly manifest the life we want.
  • To follow more of Jennifer’s story, check out her podcast, The Nature of Money.



The Nature of Money

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“There’s more to this being wealthy thing than just chasing money.”


“We need to have the patience, as nature actually shows us, with ourselves, our own process and timing. We all have our own process.”


“Money is like an eggplant. It just takes on whatever flavor you pair it with.”