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Dare to Leap

May 5, 2021

Anna Dearmon Kornick is a Time Management Coach who helps busy professionals and business owners master their time so that they can stop feeling overwhelmed. She is also the host of It’s About Time, a podcast about work/life balance and how to best manage your time effectively. In this week’s episode, Anna shares her tips on how you can go from being busy and overwhelmed to getting things off your to-do list and being in control of your time!


Key takeaways:

  • Everyone struggles with time. How did Anna get her start in this field?
  • Anna lived a very interesting life as a public relations and governmental affairs representative. but that 24/7 lifestyle burned her out.
  • We’re all bad at time management. No one has really taught us how to manage this well.
  • It’s important to know what matters most and to design a life that fits what matters the most.
  • Women shoulder so much of what is called emotional labor, and those costs often go hidden/not as appreciated.
  • You almost have to treat your family like a business to have all the moving parts run smoothly.
  • Marriage is a partnership and you have to work as a team. Household responsibilities apply to that, too.
  • Personality tests are a great way to understand how someone works and what sort of educational materials would be helpful/relevant to them.
  • Anna shares some tips on how to get better with your time!
  • Write down 100 dreams that you want to have!
  • Do you make time for something, but then move it back?
  • Getting up earlier in the day to get stuff done isn’t always the right approach.
  • What is time blocking?
  • Grab yourself an accountability buddy. It’ll help you achieve your goals a lot quicker.



Anna on LinkedIn

168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think, by Laura Vanderkam

The Productivity Project: Proven Ways to Become More Awesome, by Chris Bailey

Better Than Before. by Gretchen Rubin




“Time is our most precious, valuable resource and yet we don’t learn how to manage time well.”


“Important people wake up at 4:30. Well, why? What is YOUR why for starting your day that early? Just because successful people do it, no, it’s not going to cut it.”


“We are 43% more likely to follow through with what we said we’d do if we write that goal down.  If you have an accountability partner, though, you’re 95% more likely to follow through on that goal.”