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Dare to Leap

Dec 15, 2021

Sarah Paikai is a multi-media Spoken Word Artist, COO of an eight-figure marketing company named Master Brand, Inc., and author of the best-selling book, Passion to Action: How YOU Can Do It All. Kathy and Sarah have known each other from being in the same mastermind group where they got to work and travel together, and she’s excited you’ll be able to hear her wise words on marketing today! In this episode, they talk about Sarah’s journey toward entrepreneurship and her spoken word art and how she uses it to challenge the status quo.


Key takeaways:

  • Sarah grew up in a Japanese-American family where she never felt that she quite fit in.
  • Jumping into entrepreneurship, she realized this was her place to be herself.
  • Did Sarah ever have any fear, going into entrepreneurship?
  • Knowing what you want and really going for it, without caring about what others think, is not an overnight thing.
  • Being born and raised in Hawaii, Sarah talks about her decision to move to the U.S. and what it was like.
  • Sarah always loved writing and creative arts growing up. In high school, she stumbled across hip hop. Did this inspire her spoken word passion?
  • Sarah talks about her first experience performing her spoken word piece to her business counterparts and shared how they reacted.
  • Spoken word for her has been a form of self-expression, especially around the topics of societal justice.
  • A good metaphor or story can help others understand your thoughts and beliefs on a deeper level.
  • Sarah also started taking magazine-type collages on canvas that puts her spoken-word in a full audio and visual experience.
  • Sarah talks about her piece of the Hawaiian flag upside down and what it means.
  • Sarah explains the difference between being crazy and being a genius.
  • What is the difference between Sarah the artist and Sarah the COO?
  • Sarah shares about her custom-written spoken pieces and how she can build words around people’s hearts and the truth.
  • Sarah ends with sharing the piece she wrote for everyone listening to this episode!



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“Entrepreneurship made me realize that I can create my own space and my own dynamic to play in, work in, and thrive in.”


“Loving myself and being confident, even if I wasn't 100% accurate, that’s what I had to really learn and grow inside of me.”


“The more I learned over those five years, to just keep saying “yes” to me and “yes” to those leaps, the more that base between the (logical) systems and the arts started to get pulled closer together.”