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Dare to Leap

Aug 26, 2020

Michelle McGlade is a Podcast Host, Author, Speaker, and business mentor that’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow. She shares her top tips on how to present yourself in the very best light when you are getting interviewed or even in a virtual meeting. Please, please don’t show up to a video meeting in bed with matted hair! Michelle offers some very simple and easy tips for you to look your very best even when everything around your house is falling apart!


Key takeaways:

  • Michelle was with Kathy on her first-ever professional photoshoot.
  • When Kathy first met Michelle, she asked if her toes were deformed… because she was just too pure of a human!
  • Michelle has been podcasting since 2015. A little bit about who Michelle is.
  • Kathy wouldn’t be podcasting if it wasn’t for Michelle.
  • Michelle has taken some really big leaps in her career.
  • Michelle felt overworked and underpaid. So she made another career leap to start her own business!
  • However, she realized quickly she kind of started the wrong business…
  • You wouldn’t have known it, but Michelle was a very shy person and quiet.
  • How do you look your best when you’re dealing with a lot more remote meetings?
  • Make an investment and get a good camera.
  • Wear pants! Even if no one will know… Just plan for it!
  • What are some foundational outfit pieces you should consider wearing?
  • Moisturize your skin! It’s critical to creating a nice glow in your skin.
  • How can you get your eyebrows ‘professionally done’ every day?
  • Michelle shares some of her anti-aging tips.
  • What do you do if you have low-self esteem with the way you look?
  • Every woman is beautiful. You are beautiful.
  • Looking to work with Michelle? Feel free to reach out!



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“Dare to leap describes perfectly my career journey. I’ve taken some really big leaps and I’m going to be the first person to tell you that it’s not always easy. It’s rough, it’s bumpy, but it’s very, very rewarding.”


“It takes a lot of courage to make these shifts and sometimes they’re not huge leaps. Sometimes it’s a matter of making one decision and the next decision, then the next decision.”


“You would not show up and tell your very, very best friend how crappy she looks or that she’s too old. You would not do that to her, so why are you doing it to yourself?”